A quick story, and goals for writing on Medium

I am a coding bootcamp graduate that transitioned from retail management to development.

After a series of interesting events, along with a combination of a good support system and my mettle, I was able to make this jump into a new career.

At the time of writing this, I am two years into my coding journey. In my current work, I am developing tools for our support and technical implementation teams. Some of these tools range from a UI that helps users make common CRUD calls to our org’s database, the SDK for a cloud and on-premise product, to a Google Chrome extension that helps users troubleshoot product implementations on our clients’ website. My team and I also inherit ownership of orphaned and legacy tools / processes.

The experience I have received in the past two years has been valuable. It’s exposed me to other teams, subject matter experts, as well as new concepts, languages and frameworks. It’s also helped bolster my skills in troubleshooting, coding, and communicating tech concepts with non-technical groups (the customer experience and leadership background is super helpful here).

With all that, I’ve found a few themes that reoccur in coding, communication, office life, balancing work, life, and continuing education. My goal is to write about these themes, and either provide a story that people can relate to, or a code solution to a problem we were able to solve.

I’m doing this to help me think about and engage with my passion for coding and doing meaningful work in a new way, as well as maybe provide answers to a community that has helped me so much at the beginning of this journey.

I’m going to give credit to myself, as I’ve recognized that my success comes from embedding myself in whatever I do, and exerting all of my effort. Also huge “thank you” to my wife who started this whole process, my bootcamp instructor, as well as my younger brother and tech-mentor. Thank you.



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